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Welcome Castle View

Sealcoating / Crack filling  Mega Sale!

We have a great deal Just for you!


We are offering deep discounts see how it works!

We typically charge $450 Min to sealcoat a 1500 sf driveway

Anything larger is .30c a Sf

By teaming up with your community and putting as many driveways as possible together for the same day, We can lower our rates and give you all commercial pricing!

As of now your community has 16 Driveways signed up and the price is down to $375 Per driveway! 

The more who sign up the lower it gets for everyone!

Offer ends 6/9 as we will be locking in pricing and scheduling start dates!

     We only use the best sealcoat with up to 6lbs of sand per gallon to fully cover and seal your driveway leaving it with the blackest possible finish!

     We also add top tuff and fast dry to add extra protection to the sealer for the longest lasting results!

     In most cases the edges are cut in by hand, and the rest is sprayed with (2) over lapping coats! Unless its close to the house or a wall then it is done by hand to ensure no over spray!

Crack Filling

As you can see in your Roadways, Our hot rubber crack fill, raises the bar! Not only does it fill the cracks and keep the water out, It stays in place and lasts!


We can]t possibly estimate crack filling until we are on-site. We do 90% of our estimates online, to keep overhead low. So we measure them on-site, confirm the price with you then add it to the bill!

Crack filling is $1.00 Per foot If we meet our 30,000 sf Sealcoating goal we can offer it for .75c a Sf

crack fill guy.png

Sign Up Now! To help every one save together!

We are not just Asphalt any more!

with the addition of Diamond Services we are now offering

Sealcoating - Crack Filling - Paving - Pavement Marking - Retaining Walls- Paver Stone Patios

 Excavation - Land grading, Hardscapes - Fire Pits - Sod - Demo

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