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Pavement Marking

We only use Federal spec grade paints!

For the longest lasting brightest finish

From, Seal Master, Franklin Paints & Sherwin Williams

Pavement Marking

24-hour & Weekend Services

     Diamond Services provides everything you need to finish your lot. From basic parking spaces to handicapped logos, directional arrows, numbering, lettering, our crew can handle the job! 

     Custom stencils and colors available 



      Having a clearly marked out lot not only keeps it safer for everyone, but it also limits potential insurance claims as it maximizes the traffic flow and parking allowing you to get the most out of your space.


  • Removable speed bumps

  • Posts and bollards Removable & Permanent 

  • Rubber & Concrete tire stops

  • Excavation for signage

  • ADA Ramp repair and installs

IMG_2514 (1).jpg

Did you Know?

     If your lot is NOT ADA compliant?  your occupancy permit could be revoked or not given until it is? 

     Our team is fully trained on how to arrange your lot to be fully compliant with local and federal regulations. And giving you the maximum amount of parking spots at the same time!


When the Pro's need a Pro, They call Diamond!

     At Diamond Asphalt, we go the extra mile for our clients in order to make sure they’re satisfied with our work.

     We’re a leading Asphalt Maintenance company, offering innovative and top of the line services.

     Have a look at what our satisfied clients have to say about us across all platforms! We are a 5 Star company across every board!


Special Projects

     We offer NEW parking lot lay outs!

     We can go off your engineers prints, or we can spec the lot out for you going off the spots you've been allowed to get maximum flow out of your lot.

     By clearly marking out the drive thru lane, Fire lanes, no parking / loading zones, you're keeping everyone happy from the people trying to exist the lot to the delivery driver bringing supplies!

     Quick and easy is what everyone wants, with a clearly marked lot verse a congested one your property will have better customer results!

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